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Bio and Contact: Lou Agosta, Ph.D.

Contact Data for Lou Agosta, Ph.D.


Lou Agosta, Ph.D.

Phone (USA) 1-773-203-0269

eMail: LAgosta@UChicago.edu / LouAgosta @ gmail . com

BIO: Do you feel like you are an empath (a sensitive soul) who can’t get sufficient empathy? I specialize in delivering empathy that makes a difference. My commitment is to provide a gracious and generous listening – empathy. I engage with issues in emotions, relationships, and careers. One area of concentration – an area that seems to be underserved – includes the dynamic containing and transforming of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse. I have completed the Illinois Certified Domestic Violence training program of the Illinois Certified Partner Abuse Intervention program. I have made a profound, positive difference with clients recovering from domestic violence, date rape, abuses of psychiatry in the former USSR, and matters that are personally traumatizing and confronting. If I believe that I can make a difference (and if you agree), then we come to understanding of a flexible fee and schedule. We get to work. In addition to dealing with client recovery from traumatic and personally confronting experiences, I work with clients dealing with mood disorders, relationship challenges, eating disorders, and issues in self psychology. My Ph.D. is in philosophy from the University of Chicago. My practice is located on the north east side of Chicago (60660), and I am flexible about fees and schedule.

I am an assistant professor of medical education delivering empathy lessons and psychotherapy interventions at Ross Medical University at Saint Anthony Hospital.

My professional resume includes being on the faculty of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology where I teach  courses in Empathy in the History and Systems of Psychology and the Cognitive and Affective Basis of Human Behavior. I have taught college and university courses for about ten years at Roosevelt University, DePaul, Loyola, St Xavier Universities and Oakton Community College (Chicago). My writings include publications on empathy, human understanding, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis. I am the founder and director of The Chicago Empathy Project, including producing educational videos with the theme “A Rumor of Empathy…” I practice empathy lessons and psychotherapy in Chicago (Illinois (USA)). See also http://www.ListeningWithEmpathy.com


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