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Application for discount empathy services

Tired of being thrown under the bus by your insurance provider? Getting crowded under the bus?

It is my practice to have a complimentary phone conversation with a prospective client at a mutually agreeable time to understand how I can best be of service. Let’s talk!

Application for Flexible Fee Services for Empathy Consulting, Psychotherapy, or Training – click here to download full application. TherapyApplicationforFlexibleFeeServicesforPsychotherapy

Please read the following which is also included in the application:

In consideration for flexible fee services, I agree voluntarily agree to provide the following information about my life and finances. I agree to provide verification of such c-clamp-cash-close-up-46242information if such verification is requested and to the extent that I am able to do so. I understand that any change in services or reduction in fee is voluntary, subject to change without notice, and may be conditional on the accuracy and verification of the information provided by me.

I understand that if my financial condition materially improves or deteriorates, then I may incur an additional reduction or increase in fees. I also understand and acknowledge: No one is obligated to reduce my fee nor am I obligated to accept any such agreement. I understand that such information will be regarded as confidential.

Please call me directly with questions LAgosta@UChicago.edu / 773-203-0269

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